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    Insight Lamp

    Insight Lamp

    Life is about living with people around you.

    But it’s also about living alone.

    That’s why we need some time to think on our own in a secret place.

    When that time comes, this candle will light up your precious time.



    With its colored glasses, this beautiful candle holder bought in Morocco becomes somewhat extraordinary objet at night.

    Needless to say it gives us mysterious feelings as well.

    This yellow light let us be lost ourselves in sentimental thoughts.

    And if this were blue or white light, the thoughts can become more rational ones.

    So, let us have some time of rational speculations now.



    Half cherry tree and half bubinga.

    Half and half in peace!

    No, actually there are slightly more of walnut included.

    Totally because of personal preference.



    A thousand thoughts went through my mind regarding the design.

    What exactly the best design that can perfectly represent one’s quality think time.

    Human, life, agony, privacy, thoughts…


    Then, I come up with the idea of a sculpture, ‘Le Penseur(The thinker)’ by Auguste Rodin.

    Inspired by ‘the thinker’, I just simplified it in my own way.

    Now I need my own think time.



    Hope you guys also have your own think time as well.





    Hmm, what are these for?



    Looks like a man



    like human’s face



    and it makes a hole with a buzzing sound.

    In this hole, we put magnetics inside and make it to stick together when it split in 2.


    This is how it’s made and it’s with walnut.

    Every time I see walnut, I feel good.

    I mean, it gives more classy look on anything.


    Let’s split these awesome dude in 2.


    How wonderful it is to have the nice sunshine on this fabulous wooden material!


    The weather is getting cold.

    Put it into the inside pocket of the coat.


    It’s small enough to fit into the pocket as well.

    So what exactly is this one for?


    It’s an iPad stand!


    Available to split in 2 by having magnetic connectors inside.

    Use it with fixing them into the iPad on both sides.

    This one even has a name.




    It means it’s mini sized and lightweight.

    I still think it was the best name as it represents the core value of it.

    Wonder if any chance of getting one?

    Look at the iPad. It’s iPad 2. Even it’s in Myriad Pro font.

    (It’s been made a long time ago.)

    This photo makes me reminiscent of the time when Steve Jobs was alive.



    On weekends,

    On weekends,

    On weekends,

    I visited a new department store.

    Its newly decorated shops and all the events made people crowded all over the floors.

    I barely took my place for dinner.

    Hmm, let’s see, which menu should I choose for my perfect dinner?

    It’d be a weekend meal so I had to be very careful.



    Wow, fresh bread with olive oil and balsamic bread dip.

    This bread was so tasty.

    Great for stimulating my appetite and now waiting for the main menus; pizza, spaghetti, and risotto. Lol


    Wait, Omg…

    There is nothing more to show.

    Oh crap, I always fail to remember taking a photo of the menus before eating.

    It is most provoking.

    I really wish to share them as it was just a perfect meal for a special occasion.


    So, I keep browsing my albums.

    Thinking that there must be some days when I did actually take a photo of the whole course not just of the bread and appetizers.

    Taa daa!!



    This is one of the decent restaurants in Tokyo and always have to wait in line for entering the restaurant.

    They serve with a hot cup of tea and pickled radish with kastuobushi(dried bonito) on.



    These are Japanese appetizers.

    I think I’m still salivating by just looking at them.

    While I spaced out waiting for my meals to come out, something just appeared.







    It’s a scrumptious crispy tonkatsu with the egg on it. (Those who are not aware, tonkatsu is a breaded port cutlet. Think port schnitzel.)

    My tonkatsu was perfectly cooked.

    The outer panko breaded layer had a nice crunch to it and felt no greasiness.

    Also, the inside pork was just a real pork perfection with tender, juicy and full of flavor.

    Moreover, with side dishes of rice, it was such a perfectly substantial meal.



    This tonkatsu is also accompanied with a side of freshly shredded cabbage, pickles and a Japanese miso soup.

    Oh, I really wish to go there again NOW!

    The name of the restaurant is ‘MAISEN’ in Omotesando, Tokyo.

    If you are planning to visit Tokyo, you should put this on top on your visiting list.

    You won’t miss to visit Omotesando once you are in Tokyo so there must be some chances of going there.

    You can’t go wrong with any of the set meals in MAISEN but don’t forget to prepare yourself to be queueing up for your meal.

    Even when you’re suffering from the biggest failure of your life,

    Even when you’re suffering from the biggest failure of your life,

    One day, felt caught our fancy.

     So, we got it.



    We’d like to see it before we make a purchase so we went to the store and got one.

    Well, the owner of the shop insisted that it’s the best quality…

    Not the one that could suit our taste exactly but anyway, we got it.



    And the ones that we already possessed; thin layers of wood.

    Something feels good.

    The combination of both two; wood and felt.

    This unexpected duo is ready to turn out to be something nice.



    Like this one?

    Guess something good will come out soon.



    Make steel rule die for cutting felt



    Is it going to work well?




    We felt so good.



    So we cut more and more and more!

    Front side and back side, cut ALL of them!!!! YAY!!!



    Sewed the backside of the felt with matching color-thread



    Prepared 3 different types of wood for the backside to attach; walnut, cherry, and purple heart.



    Made jig to put felt and wood nicely together.

    We really prepared well to make perfect felt/wood wallet but that was all.

    It was a failure.

    Even not many photos are left.

    However, failure is mother of success isn’t it?

    We made another one!




    It’s also one of our failures.

    People all have a lot of failures throughout our whole lifetime.

    That’s why there are lots of quotes regarding failure.

    But the truth is, when failure continues(whether it’s big or small), the quotes can’t help anymore.

    And sometimes, hearing others’ failures can help a lot when we suffer from our own failures so we told you one of our unhappy failure stories.

    Cheer up!

    p.s. While digging for old photos of felt/wood wallet, found this one when we were testing this wallet.



    I don’t know why this one has left in the album of all the other stunning photos.

    But that little square-shaped electronic device is called ‘Stone’ that we had developed ago.

    That one is such a total failure.

    We’ve slaved over for a year traveling back and forth between Canada and U.K. but totally screwed up.

    BTW, that’s wireless charging available.


    so…what I’m trying to say is, cheer up! 

    Texture, Oh, the texture!

    Texture, Oh, the texture!


    In terms of a product, the texture is extremely important.

    Although people seem to take less serious about the texture, they actually don’t. They unconsciously take count of the feeling when they touch products. That’s why it’s one of the most important factors in user experience.

    Armoury M wood wallet can be the example supporting this theory.



    If you just cut the wood and fix it to the base nicely, this cute little CNC router will cut the wood into shape.

    Without any complaints, he always do his best and make something amazing at last.

    How commendable of him to do it all by himself!



    The outcome of CNC router looks rather far from a perfect product, it’s crumpled and ugly.

    By the way, according to my grandma, I was indeed very cute unlike all the other infants used to have wrinkled and ugly red faces. But well, unfortunately, I don’t remember someone complimenting my appearance after my infancy.  


    The next step is actually a crucial part.

    If we are able to turn this ugly, sharp slice of wood into a something with good texture, it finally becomes a lovely product to the customers.



    For a better texture, we improved the figure with 7 different levels of sandpapers and decided our own standards of softness and angles of each edge.

    We are the ones who built these whole process but it's very strenuous work indeed.

    According to my uncle, it's not a business(it's more like an art labor).

    This sentence is pretty much a saying to us as we use this sentence every time we develop a new product.

    Actually, the fabric band of Armoury M wallet is also hand-sewn one.

    We tried to use a sewing machine to make it easier and faster but it failed, it couldn't meet our expectations.

    We tried a seamstress(professional tailor using a sewing machine) as well but we didn't like it so much as we liked when we hand-sewed the band.

    And here comes a saying again, it's not a business, it's a labor.

    Maybe we should put it on our T-shirts.



    We strongly believe that people can imagine and actually feel the texture of the product with just seeing it. We know it when we watch people’s behaviors. This can be ironic but that’s why we believe that design with good texture is design with good looks.